“How to Tell When God is Working in Your Life”

Emma, My Family

Hi everybody!

As you may know we were in escrow with a mini ranch up in Northern Navada. Long story short the sellers got another offer and we lost the ranch. A few days earlier I just started randomly sobbing at the thought that we would lose everything. I honestly got mad at God. Really, for nothing. I got mad at him just because I had a feeling? Anyways, moving on.

After we saw the ranch and the sellers accepted our offer, my mind was completely closed off to the thought that we could quite possibly lose the property. Which we did. This is how it happened:

I was practicing my violin, (Which you can see on “Heart Strings blog post from my mom) and I finished up and went to my mom’s office to paint my nails. I asked my mom, “Wachya doin???”. She said, “Well im writing an update on my blog post saying that we just lost the property”. Just like that, everything in my mind changed. I honestly did not reply to her because I was scared I would start sobbing. So of course I just had to cry and talk to God.

So I got in the shower, curled up under the water and cried. Then I realized that this property that we just lost is one property. There are so many more. Then I got super, super positive. I know this sounds harsh but I feel that loosing the house is a blessing. About a week ago I went to church with my mom and dad and the pastor said, “Write down on point one, how to tell when God is working in your life”. Then in the shower I remembered that and I just thought, “Hey! I realized it!” God took something so bad and made it wonderful. He truly made it a blessing. Bam! Just like that. Pretty cool right!? I just started to stand up, out of my curled up crying position, and told God, “Okay God let’s get some offers.”

I will surely keep you updated. I am jumping with my arms back and eyes closed. 

Bye everybody, and remember to notice when God is working in your life!! Have a fabulous day!

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