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Favorite Things, From the Heart

So! Here is my favorite thing today! In one week I’ll be at the Altitude Summit in Salt Lake City. I am beyond excited to go.  As the event gets closer a few of the sponsors have been sending out little gifts to all the attendees. Pincushion sent out an adorable notebook with threads to make friendship bracelets. Tiny Prints sent out personalized “Thank You” notes and address labels. Thank you, fabulous people!

Tiny Prints

Tiny Prints

Pincushion Craft

Pincushion Craft

Receiving all of these gifts in the mail is really helping to build up the excitement level of this blogging convention. Seriously, I’m beyond just looking forward to it. I’ve been spending time reading all the to do lists for packing, planning outfits and plotting my schedule of classes to take. I’ve been working like crazy to design this blog to get it up by the time I go!

This morning, Steve and I were hanging out in my office when the doorbell rang. It was the FedEx guy with a box for me! Steve asked me what I ordered and I was dumfounded because I’m sure I haven’t ordered a thing. He read the address label, “To Kelley Simpson, from Silhouette…” I almost jumped out of my chair! When I opened the box, I could not believe my eyes. It was a Silhouette Portrait electronic cutting tool. What?! This is something I have on my wish list of things I really want and can’t get. It may sound stupid, but I had goosebumps and had to fight back tears. No, seriously.

One of the biggest worries I’ve had about going to the Alt. Summit is the fact I don’t have a business card for this blog yet. But guess what? This amazing tool is going to help me make a business card! I die. I seriously can not believe they sent these out. Really, my most very favorite thing all week, no month, no probably so far this year. Thank you a thousand times, Silhouette!

I love you.


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