Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

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My Sister and I recently took our mom to Rockaway Beach In Oregon. She was celebrating her 70th birthday and we thought it would be fabulous to spend a weekend with her at a sweet little beach house on the coast of Oregon. I had been to the coast there when I was a child but I clearly hadn’t remembered how beautiful it was.

The Oregon Coast is so wide and flat! It’s amazing and when the tide is out it becomes even wider. I’m used to seeing the Southern California Coast and I guess I forget about all the smog. A lot of our coast here is rocky and the sand is dark and grainy. As soon as I went out to the shore I was blown away at how clear blue sky was and how blue and white the ocean was. The sand is white and fluffy too. I/m not kidding, it’s beautiful. And cold, so cold and windy.

We had a wonderful time. Here are a few of the pictures of our weekend.


_MG_0557My mom

_MG_0558My mom and sister, Cathy


_MG_0629I was fascinated with the opalescent foam! It was all along the shoreline.

_MG_0607I am a cloud watcher




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