How to Make a Compass

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One of the coolest things we did this month in homeschool was make a compass! Seriously, I think I was more excited than Emma but she still thought it was pretty neat.

What you’ll need:

  1. 1 small bowl of water
  2. 1 needle
  3. 1 small piece or styrofoam
  4. 1 permanent magnet





First, rub the needle along your magnet. Do not stab your own fingers while doing this, its just a bad idea.

Then, push the needle through a small piece of styrofoam and place it in the bowl of water. The styrofoam will keep your needle afloat while it’s finding it’s direction in the water.

It really is that simple! We used a couple of needles because we wanted to see if the size of the needle made a difference. It didn’t and each one worked very well.

IMG_1536 copy








Note: Its important you actually know the location and direction your bowl is placed in so you are able to check your compass accuracy.


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