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Why I Take Pictures

I have been very blessed to have become a photographer while my daughters were children. I’ve been able to build their stories over the years through my photography. I had photographer friend tell me once I should have a business where I offer some sort […]


Better Together

I was sorting through some photos this morning. I’m looking for a picture of my front door so I can order a new lock. I came across this image. I love it. I love my husband. I love his hat, his glasses, and that mustache… […]


He’s a Good Dude

That’s usually what cops say about another cop they like. If you ask a guy about one of his partners and he tells you the guy is a good dude, then he probably is. It means he’s a good partner. He takes care of his […]


What is this?

My name is Steve and I’m honored to be guest blogging on The Multi-ti-Purpose Room.  Kelley is my beautiful wife and invited me over to put up a post now and then when I’m not posting on my own blog, Darkshore Adventures Ltd.  Kelley and I […]