Month: November 2014

I Say Uncle…

Day 3,492 in the house selling saga… OK, we haven’t been doing this that long but it sure feels like it. Yesterday, Steve and I made the command decision to take the house off the market. Over the last month, we bought a ranch, lost […]


Inspiration Saturday 11/8/14

All of my inspirations today are from the Houzz design site! Don’t you just love that site? If you have no idea what I’m talking about you need to get your little self over there and start an idea file. It seems to me the […]

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To Beach or Not to Beach

This weekend we started looking at a places to rent. Because of the area we live in, we can only afford an apartment, condominium, or townhouse. There are a ton of options around us. We looked on line and our realtor sent us some listings […]

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Inspiration Saturday 11/1/14

Here is something a little different! We are now looking for a small house, condo, or even an apartment to move into while we find property and build our ranch. We will be leaving the Southern California area in three years so we have time. […]


Moving Forward

I didn’t make my bed today. I’m sitting here at my computer for the first Saturday morning since we put the house on the market. It feels really good to be this relaxed. I’m drinking coffee and I’m not vacuuming. I feel like I can […]

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