Month: August 2014

Inspiration Saturday 8/16/14

I‘m Finally approaching the last two stacks of magazines. I can’t believe I’ve made it through 3 years of saving them up! I’m excited and I’ve been working on getting my tear sheets filed. So, without further delay here are my picks for this weeks inspiration.


Running 6

Hello! I’m so happy to have found out that there are a couple of new runners this week!! Yay! This week on day one I thought I was going to die and seriously was wondering if I should stay in week 2 for a couple […]

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Inspiration Saturday 8/9/14

I don’t know what happened this week while thumbing through my magazines. My biggest inspirations were to bake a lot of desserts, eat them along with everything else I saw and then to drink a lot of wine. Same old magazines, different mindset for sure. […]

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Tilly- Photo Shoot of a Hamster

I‘m sure you’ve noticed our hamster Tilly is kind of a big deal at our house. Emma waited about 7 years of her 10 for a pet. Now she has one, and everybody is going to know it. Emma has done so much research on […]


Running! 5

Guess what?! We just finished week 3 of “Run Your Butt Off“! How are you feeling? Are you still going strong? I have struggled this week because 2 minutes of running at a time kept feeling like my timer was broken and was forgetting to […]



I just wanted to take a moment out to say goodbye to Maxine. She is one of my sister, Cathy’s girl kitties. She passed away last night and her sweetness will be greatly missed. She was a lovely, gentle little lady with a giant head […]


Light Painting

Tonight we did a little light painting in the back yard! It’s been a long time since we just played around with the camera and light. Earlier this week I saw tiny mushrooms that were growing around the base of several trees in my neighborhood. They […]

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