Tilly My Baby Boo.

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Emma, My Family

Hey people! Tilly is my Syrian female hamster! She is 6 months old and is a little diva!

When I was two we found out that I was severely allergic to cats and mildly allergic to dogs. My life changed a lot when we found that out. We had three cats so we gave away two and kept one. The one we kept was my dad’s kitty. Since then the cat passed away at 17 years old.

I became very desperate for a pet of my own. I went through various stages such as the fish stage, the bulldog stage, the hamster stage, then back to fish, and back to bulldog, and touch and go on hamster. Then the we stopped at a fish again. Now, at every stage I would beg, for a fish, bulldog, or hamster. Throughout all of these stages I did have a bird but she’s kida a butt head.

Finally, one day I was talking to my mom about getting a fish (I even made a power point) and she told me that I just really needed something  I can hold and kiss and pet. She and I both knew she was talking about a hamster. Then one day I blurted out in the car, “Can I please, please, please have a fish?!” My dad was silent and I could tell he was thinking. Then my mom suddenly started talking to my dad and said, ” Babe, she really needs something she can interact with, like a hamster.” Of course I agreed. Then my dad agreed too.

So before I knew it we were on our way to the pet store to  buy a hamster. We walked into the pet store and couldn’t find the small pets so we asked the clerk about it about she told us that they don’t carry small pets. Then, we went to a different store   and found the small pets. As we looked and looked we saw one that was eating with her eyes closed. Then, we looked some more. We were deciding between a dwarf hamster and the one who was eating with her eyes closed, Tilly (to this day she still eats with her eyes closed).  We found a clerk who told us that dwarfs bite and are more skittish so we decided on Tilly. But, then she told us that if I’m allergic to cats I would be allergic to hamsters. My heart dropped. But we got her anyway! Then, we shopped around and we got her toys and brought her home and set up her cage.

We bought Tilly on Friday, February 7th, 2014. I like to call her my valentine. She is so tolerant of me. I’ve put her in a sock, a purse, and my shirt. She may be a little cray cray but I love her to pieces. Little Matilda has changed my life.

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