What is this?

My Family, Steve

My name is Steve and I’m honored to be guest blogging on The Multi-ti-Purpose Room.  Kelley is my beautiful wife and invited me over to put up a post now and then when I’m not posting on my own blog, Darkshore Adventures Ltd.  Kelley and I are both cut from the same mold in some ways, and one of them is in the need to be busy.  Even if I’m sitting around the house, I’m usually doing something.  Working out, loading ammunition so I can go shoot, playing computer games, spending time with family and so on.

I love adventures and traveling, even if it’s around the local area.  The distance is not so important, and sometimes it’s about the method of travel or the little details.  Sometimes it’s about the adrenaline.  Like say, CrossFit workouts in the garage and back yard.  Or maybe bombing down some local trails on the mountain bike.  I work in law enforcement, so sometimes the adventure comes from making it through some hairy situation that could have gone bad.  At any rate, because we’re able to pay our bills but not rich, grand travel and vacations aren’t where I find fun and adventure most of the time.  The great thing about trying to stay open minded is that it encourages you to find adventure in places you might not usually think of.

Say, for instance an amazing book like The Passage that hooks you in and won’t let you go.  Or a story of your own creation, or snapping that photograph that you would have missed had you waited another half second.  Cruising the river with family and friends, driving through the open desert with the late afternoon sun playing off the mountains.  Resolving issues with other people and strengthening relationships, helping other people through hard times.  Adventure is limited only by what you’re willing to consider adventurous.  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy our blogs!

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