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Throwback Thursday- love

This image is of Allie and Pandy. They were two and five. They are now Alix and Amanda. They are 21 and 19. This is a photo of them whenย I was a young single mama raising them on my own. I remember feeling terrified I […]

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Sometimes while I’m running I try to think of good things. I remember one run I went on where I wore my Nike “Running Sucks” t-shirt and it was a terrible run. By the end of it I decided it was a bad run because […]

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Easy Like a Sunday Morning

OK, we are flakes. We totally missed church this morning. As hard as I tried I couldn’t wake up, even after Steve came in and tried to wake me up! As soon as he crawled back into bed I knew that was the end of […]


Running 7

Happy Friday everyone! So here we are at the end of stage 5! I hope you are all feeling great and moving up to stage 6! Personally, I’M NOT MOVING UP! As much as I’d love to say I’m awesome and I’m on my way […]

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Project 8/20/14

Today I’m finally getting around to posting some pictures of a project I completed a little while back. This project took me forever. Not because it was difficult, but because it took me actually sitting down and doing it. It was stuck in the middle […]

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I've always wanted to visit the area I live in as though I'm a tourist. One of the little cities I live near made it into Sunset Magazine! I've actually been to several of the listed locations but I'm really wanting to go again and this time making a day out of it. I plan to take pictures and enjoy it as though I'm a tourist! It's a staycation!

Staycation- San Juan Capistrano

A couple of Inspiration Saturdays ago I posted a Sunset Magazine article about visiting San Juan Capistrano. ย This weekend Emma and I bopped on down to San Juan just to have a stroll of the area Sunset had written about. It’s an area we frequent […]

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Inspiration Saturday 8/16/14

I‘m Finally approaching the last two stacks of magazines. I can’t believe I’ve made it through 3 years of saving them up! I’m excited and I’ve been working on getting my tear sheets filed. So, without furtherย delay here are my picks for this weeks inspiration.


Running 6

Hello! I’m so happy to have found out that there are a couple of new runners this week!! Yay! This week on day one I thought I was going to die and seriously was wondering if I should stay in week 2 for a couple […]

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