The Two Most Important Things I Know

The two most important things I know, I learned from my dad. They’ve stayed with me because they are truth. They have shaped who I am and have helped me reason through almost every event in my life. It’s not just me, I see it run […]


Oh, You Sweet Little Nachos…

So, it’s Saturday afternoon. I’ve already worked out, blogged, completed a big project, and now it’s time to relax a bit. What better time to have some NACHOS! Sure, I like nachos. As a matter of fact I LOVE them. I want them all the […]


Inspiration Saturday 03/21/15

Congratulations! We made it another week! Seriously, hasn’t it just flown by? This whole year is flying by. Everywhere I go, people are telling me this year is flying by for them. I have to agree, I can’t believe we are entering April already! And […]

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Piggy Update and “Photo Shoot”

For those of you who are wondering about our little Guinea pigs, here is an update. Last time I wrote about the piggies Shelby was being treated for ringworm and an upper respiratory infection. It turned out Megan Johnson, Shelby’s new sister, also got the […]


Spring Has Really Sprung!

So many places in the United States are still under snow or at least feeling the last little bit of winter. Not here in Southern California! We are in the middle of a really weird heart wave. (Earthquake anyone?) Last weekend I was really excited to […]

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Inspiration Saturday 03/14/15

Good Morning! It’s Saturday again!!! It’s slowly becoming my favorite day of the week. You may not believe this but I am officially, completely caught up on all my magazines! When I started this page I was about five years behind. Not anymore! I also […]


Back to My First Love

Sunday morning in church, I noticed our pastor has started teaching from the book of Revelation. I was disappointed that I’ve already missed several weeks of teaching. The problem is, we’ve been missing so many Sundays. There’s always something that we allow to interfere with […]

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Beautiful Monday!

This weekend turned out to be wonderfully productive. After sitting around in the house all day, I finally got up the energy to get outside in the sunshine to pull a couple of weeds. Well, one thing lead to another, and I ended up edging […]


Inspiration Saturday 03/07/15

Do you ever get in that place where nothing is inspiring you? Augh, I feel like I’m a lump sitting on my chair. Inside I’m pushing myself. “Get up, go… Moooove.” Yesterday I went out to do some weeding just so I could feel like […]

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